Mark Stewart is a generalist.  He has 27 years experience in Test Prep (SAT, ACT, LSAT & SSAT).  He applies his knowledge of teens, and his ongoing research about developing careers, to aid parent and student planning.  His are a second set of eyes on many college and prep school applications.
Ellen Hoffman focuses on middle school and high school success. She counsels parents and students on success strategies in school and in the college process.  Ellen's work with students includes writing skills, organization skills, and study skills.  With parents, Ellen emphasizes the importance of starting and planning early regarding community service, job experience, extracurricular and summer activities, scholarships, contests, test prep, and leadership opportunities. Her work helps maximize your child's opportunities and alleviates stress in the college process.
Cynthia Whipple focuses on college applications.   Good essays will "tip" colleges in the applicant's favor, particularly at small "elite" schools, yet many students do not know what colleges seek.    Cynthia works with students who already have essays written to make them crisper and more appealing.    She also works "from scratch" at the brainstorming level, helping students identify their strengths and good "fit"s for college programs.  She then helps build and hone essays and complementary resumes.

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