And without replacement, if there are services that embellish all counselors' expertise, the Education Excellence can be a time-saving enhancer.  Counselors call upon us as needed.  Education Excellence becomes an extended "Brain-Trust" or simply a "Back Office" that eases guidance counselor work and  allows counselors to be more attentive to students and parents.

  • financial aid
  • summer enrichment opportunities
  • gap year opportunities
  • transfer logistics and realities
  • scholarships.

Even where union contracts prohibit outsiders from becoming full-fledged guidance counselors, Education Excellence can be a clear asset.   One outside consultant can serve as many students as an outside athletic coach (likely at lower cost).

If replacing a retiring counselor can ever be done as "outside enhanced services", Education Excellence is especially good for College Guidance.

That includes many areas where counselors don't keep ongoing expertise, like

Enhancing the Guidance Staff's Success:
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Regardless of your need the cost to enlist Education Excellence is almost always  LOWER per student-service hour.  Shifting to EE can almost certainly save your school money!
  • Where schools have a sudden departure of a counselor, EE counselors can be quickly implemented for many functions. 


  • Let an EE counselor fill in for a guidance counselor on leave.  Rather than elevate a local employee who is not yet ready, bring on a seasoned EE counselor on a temporary basis. 

  • No benefit package is needed; little training is needed. 

  • Evaluate our work at the semester's end.  


  • Enlist Education Excellence as consultants to help build your guidance counselor's expertise.

  • Your counselors can forego travel to many outside conferences.

  • They "stay-put", and learn from the EE "braintrust."  Many national conferences are attended by an EE counselor already. 


Whether gradually, tentatively, or abruptly, Education Excellence can implement many of the changes you know your school needs.

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