Is my information kept confidential?
Yes.  All student info stay within EE.  We share no records with outsiders or with your school.  The one exception is if a school's contract with us demands some information be shared with the school.  Sometimes that is "outside courses", or "all test scores".  We have never had a school demand non-academic, personal information, and if we ever had such a contract, you'd be notified.

Can we switch counselors?
Yes.  So long as the school enlists Education Excellence counselors, you can switch any time in the year.  We do not have rigid student counts, and we want to get the best possible fit.  When a school enlists multiple EE counselors, we try to have at least one female and one male counselor.   We want to first encourage clarity about why a family seeks a switch.  Our counselors are flexible; so if a student is uncomfortable with some aspect of a counselor, we'd like to know.  Be candid, so we can assess whether the counselor can adapt or whether we truly need a switch.

How do I know my counselor is good?
We enlist private counselors who have high credentials.  They have private clients who routinely renew with them.  The reference a parent can have is other parents who feel their guidance was successful.  Plus, the "brain-trust that lets us go beyond one counselor for advice helps turn your Education Excellence from "good" into "great".

How do I know Education Excellence will serve my family well?
As an organization, we're good in part because we are business-like.  The same regimen we have internally, we reveal to students.  Good scheduling, clear communication, and openness are elements that help students for life.  The "business" aspect of Education Excellence gives families an advantage too.   We want to expand to other schools, so we NEED to be good with your child and every child we take on.  One bad relationship spoils things five-fold, so we are careful to be on top of our game with ALL families.

Is remote counseling just as effective?
Yes, in most cases moreso.   Parents pay $10,000 plus for private counseling that is mostly remote.  They wouldn't do this if getting an inferior experience.   Now that "smart phones", and fast internet are prevalent, face-to-face is rarely needed.  Indeed, your child can probably access a Smart Phone or internet site for quality "Face-Time" even when the counselor is away.  Please consider our ability to counsel remotely to be AT LEAST AS GOOD as face-to-face.  In some ways it's better.  School often have slow internet; we don't, so our research on your behalf is faster; school counselors are often interrupted by "all-School announcements"; we can ignore them.  Counselors are often interrupted by other students; yours won't be -- it's high-quality time together.

Can any meetings be at my home?
Yes.  So long as our contract with the school permits it, they certainly can be at your home in the evening or possibly on a weekend.  If the school contract doesn't permit it, then we open up time for you to meet the counselor at the school in the evening or on a weekend.

When is a counselor available face-to face?

Your Education Excellence counselor is at the school each semester.  During those in-school dates (usually 10-day blocks),  we like to meet each student TWICE.  So likely this is 4x a year face-to-face.  Unless the schedule is fully booked, we are open to extra visits if you or your child needs it.

When will my child meet with you?

Within reason, ANY time.  Your counselor will likely be available 7am - 9pm on weekdays, and likely have some weekend hours.  Your counselor will have some SUMMER hours as well.  We ask that meetings be by appointment.  Don't just drop in or call in unless the counselor has set "open visit" times.

Will I ever meet with you?

Yes.  We want a parent meeting each semester.  This can be with your child present, or separately.  If you'd like to be present for ALL meetings, that's your prerogative, and you can just tell this to your Education Excellence counselor.

How often can my child meet with you?

Education Excellence will be giving the school at LEAST as many dedicated-to-student hours as it currently has.  Though the school sets overall time constraints on the whole class, Education Excellence does not need to apportion counseling hours strictly with each child.  So very likely, your child will have all the counseling time she or he needs.

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