Who is invited to your workshops?
We do these for students, but where applicable we hold these in the evenings so parents can join.  We ask you to put these prominently of the school calendar, so parents arrange for them in advance and take them seriously.

What happens is a family and a counselor don't see eye-to-eye?
Family wishes trump guidance advice.  However, we will alert a designated school official where the matter is serious.  If the family and school think a changed counselor is needed, a switch is seamless if the school is enlisting multiple Education Excellence counselors.  If the school is enlisting only one EE counselor, we give the family the option of enlisting another EE counselor remotely (all sessions via phone, Skype, GoToMeeting or FaceTime).

Is a counselor available during the summer?

Yes.  Our contract with you presumes some summer availability.     Students often need counseling while starting out at camp, or doing a part-time job, or taking a summer class at another school.  Thus you can expect availability on any day of the summer.

When do college counselors meet with students face-to-face?

We like you to choose a two two-week blocks from Early Sept to mid Oct, Late November through Christmas, January 2 - mid February, and/or March 15 - May 1.

How do counselors work with our existing staff?

You set the ground rules.  We follow.  Where there is no permanent space for a counselor, we can set up with a laptop in any quiet area of the school.  We ask for computer access as visitors, no more.

Is a counselor available on weekends?

Yes.  We know some families are hard pressed to have a student and two parents meet with a counselor during a weekday.  We plan to use a Saturday and even a Sunday if needed to assure family visit can be complete.

How often will a counselor be on site?

We typically work in the school four weeks a year, nine-to-ten days per semester.  Your EE counselors are ALWAYS available via phone, Skype, Face-Time and GoToMeeting.

How many hours will a counselor be available to serve our students?

At least as many hours as your counselors currently do.  Perhaps more.  The school contracts for hours and students.

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