Education Excellence has enlisted various experts to conduct live online courses to help teens excel.  Education Excellence first staked itself as a "school counseling brain-trust", but it now is also an academic Brain Trust for students. 

Many students are unable to work a certain class into their schedule.  Many students want to avoid wasting time with a mediocre teacher.  And some students are prevented from taking  a class, even if offered by a strong teacher, because it makes an "imbalance".  A student wanting to take Computer Science, Environmental Science, and Chemistry in the same semester is often prevented from taking all three.
Enter Education Excellence.  The student can take a weekend class during the semester, or the student can take a 40 hour class in the summer.  Some classes are even offered as two-week "Boot Camps" during holiday and March breaks. 
The Education Excellence courses are taught efficiently.  EE selects instructors who will cover in 40 hours what a public school class will often spend 60 hours on.  There is no formal grade given in an EE class.  However, each student should feel prepared to take the AP Test in that subject and earn a 4 or a 5 (top 23%).


Education Excellence gives every participating family a PRIVATE COUNSELOR.  Elsewhere, families often pay $10,000 to enlist a dedicated counselor.  A school enlisting Education Excellence is giving the same number of dedicated guidance hours.  Families need not shop for a guidance counselor with certain expertise, because Education Excellence comes with a "brain-trust" of counselors.  Where the EE counselor serving your school might lack expertise, she or he can call on  the Education Excellence specialist who will know more. 
Some specialties include:    
    Gap Year Programs     
       Gifted Opportunities        
       Arts Specialties           
          Athletic Opportunities              
               Summer Growth Opportunities                 
Financial Aid / Scholarships

Education Excellence reduces the burden on your current counselors.  Where there is a deficiency, the school can smoothly fill it on a short-term or long term basis.  Education Excellence gives schools the flexibility to enlist a K - 6 generalist, a 6 - 9 generalist, a 9 - 12 generalist, or one of many specialists.  Education Excellence has specialist in: College Guidance, Special Needs, "Gifted" K-6, "Gifted" 6 - 9, "Gifted" 9 - 12, Arts, and Athletics.

Public schools gain a "brain-trust" of guidance counselors.  In a time where budgets need cutting, a school can reduce expense yet EXPAND the available guidance services it gives. Education Excellence guarantees MORE direct guidance hours per student than the school currently gives, for a LOWER cost.

FOR Families

Enhance your appeal to new families.  Parents appreciate prep schools that have solid college guidance.  Parents especially love middle schools that can address socialization and "early teen" opportunities well.  Education Excellence lets your school have this and more. 

Education Excellence allows a school to rightfully claim it gives every student the equivalent of a private counselor.  Indeed, where the school permits, EE counselors CAN make visits to homes.  Families pay $10,000+ for services like Education Excellence; your school can bring it to the families at no charge.  The school could choose to  "upcharge" families who select Education Excellence.