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Education Excellence has a growing group of  college consultants:  The College Excellence Brain-Trust.

The College Excellence BraiN-Trust

Some of our College Excellence counselors know International Universities well; some know engineering programs especially well.  Some know the 7 year college-to-Med-School programs well.  Some can advise on the devoutness at certain Catholic Universities; some can help students compare environmental science programs at various colleges.

Students have more choice than ever before.  Choices range on a spectrum from very good to downright bad.  With multiple opinions available, and at least one specialist who can be called upon, students and their parents find  EE's "College Excellence" program a huge asset in 11th and 12th grade.

The "Brain-Trust"

The Education Excellence "Brain-Trust" is a network of seasoned consultants who are available to one another and to  our students.   

The Brain-Trust means a student in the northeast with a desire to do ecology for a summer can have one or more consultants steer his family to good programs locally or far away.  The Brain-Trust means a family that wants to start saving for college while their children are in 7th and 5th grades can hear about their state's saving plans and national plans.